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Why Matt's team? Why Now?

Entering the marketplace in late 2013 seemed a distant thought to us. Helping to build what was arguably the fastest growing real estate franchise in America, and Prescott; the catalyst that moved Matt and his team into the marketplace was quite simply…you. For over 10 years, Matt has assisted thousands of REALTORS in the region. Industry-wide he is considered one of the best real estate marketing minds. He has been involved in the process of many successful agents in both Prescott, and Phoenix, AZ. With a background in title and escrow, marketing, IDX architecture, real estate content management systems, lead generation, and on & on…along with being one of the most sought after photographers and graphic designers in the industry; it is quite possible that his team claims the single greatest sales record – without holding a license! In other words, he's been selling your houses for other licensed REALTORS.

it really is all about you

Need to sell your Prescott home quickly? Are you looking for an aggressive agent with extensive marketing skills? Do you feel you deserve the best service, commitment, and professional advice from your realtor? Are you currently trying to sell your Prescott home with little to no results? Are you marketing your home properly? Is your Prescott, AZ home getting all the exposure needed to sell it? Looking for a fun and friendly agent? Tired of working with grumpy agents that just want to sell your home for less than it deserves? We believe we can put your Prescott area home in the best position to sell quickly. We don't just say it, we actually do it…We do it in a way that takes the pressure off of you, allowing you to sit back and think about your future. Because that's what we're all about! Helping you to build your tomorrow, today.

Using the most powerful real estate search technology to your advantage

Our highly successful Prescott Arizona Real Estate team implements the latest technology available today for searching Prescott Arizona homes for sale. Our easy to use MLS search tool will enable anyone to efficiently search for properties by category instead of the laborious way of imputing all the data yourself by hand. We incorporate the very latest Prescott data feeds and have up to the minute marketing statistics on Prescott, AZ and surrounding areas. Prescott, AZ is located in north-central Arizona among the mountains. Prescott sits well preserved in a nest of forest surrounding it on every side; with exception to the east. As one leaves Prescott and navigates toward Phoenix by car, the forests give way to upper-highland Pinon Pines and Juniper trees. Prescott serves as the Yavapai County seat and although the city encompasses an area of 38.4 sq miles, at an elevation of 5,368 feet above sea level, there are approximately 45,000 residents who are delighted to live and claim Prescott, AZ as their hometown. Prescott Arizona has been dubbed "Everybody's Hometown!" Having grown up in Prescott, each member of Matt's team can attest to Prescott's special magnetic appeal. Even before there was a "Tri-city", Matt and his buddies rode their bikes along the alleyways, and made headlines frequently sledding down "Elks hill" (known as Gurley St officially.) Prescott is now recognized as a quad-city area. The other three cities are Chino Valley, Prescott Valley, and Dewey-Humboldt. Prescott has also been christened as "Arizona's Christmas City" by the State of Arizona. Each year, thousands of tourists line the city streets for the annual Courthouse lighting, parade, and Acker Music Festival. During the 2013 Courthouse lighting, snow set in during the singing, adding magic to the moment.

Residents of Prescott enjoy a variety of cultural events and outdoor activities

The plaza at the Prescott Courthouse is the center for annual activities, including several craft fairs during the summer, car shows, antique shows, arts & craft exhibits, and Jazz concerts. Tuesday night “Jazz at the Square” has lately become a popular evening-out affair. Young and the young-at-heart alike bring lawn chairs to sit and bask in the evening warmth while listening to live Jazz by some of the area’s top musicians. Prescott also boasts the “World’s Oldest Rodeo“, held each year at the Prescott fairgrounds. Come enjoy some good ol’-fashioned cow roping and mingle with the western culture that is Prescott, AZ.


The Phippen Museum has also recently expanded its space to accommodate more collections of western art. The Phippen Museum is proud to be Prescott’s only art museum. The centrally located Sharlot Hall Museum is just a short walk from downtown Prescott. The Sharlot Hall Museum is a collection of the original houses and lifestyle (including the first Governor’s Mansion) pieces. Set among beautiful grounds budding with roses, the site has also recently been popular for weddings! The Heritage Park Zoo is also an enjoyable day for the kids! The zoo is a great place to see local wildlife up close. Photographers should bring their cameras to get the best shots of native species that dominate the southwest like javelina (peccary), or the Pronghorn. Both can be seen running about in the forests and plains of Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley. In fact, the proliferation of the Prescott area Pronghorn have led efforts by city officials to “share the wealth”, or success, with neighboring counties. Shortages due to human habitation have caused some Pronghorn populations to dwindle in southern Arizona. Relocation of several dozen Pronghorn may have a positive impact on other herds. Locals are split in their views as many enjoy the presence of North America’s fastest land animal.


The Doce Fire, which recently ravaged the Granite Mountain Wilderness area is now the spot of fresh growth! Trails abound for the outdoor enthusiasts! Locals can find plenty to do in the hiking arena. Both front and backside trails exist at Granite Mountain. The front entrance is setup with a small lake reflecting the beauty of Granite Mountain; also home to one of the nation’s highest cougar populations. Although rarely seen by hikers in the daytime, the mountain lion is one of North America’s most formidable and majestic predators. Be sure to watch for them on any Arizona trails. The “backside” trail can be found by traveling up Iron Springs Road a few miles west of the main entrance. Locally designated as “the Little Granite Trail”, the backside trail opens hikers up to the vast expanse and full view of Granite Mountain along with the plains west.


Thumb Butte is also a popular Prescott day-hike destination. With both a 1.2 mile strenuous hike up the front, and a 3 mile hike up the “less strenuous” backside, the mountain is a panorama of Prescott’s natural beauty. With views in every direction, hiking Thumb Butte can give visitors a great perspective of what Prescott looks like from above. The trails are easily accessible and the front trail is paved all the way up! Thumb Butte is undoubtedly Prescott’s icon. The mountain rises up like a tower at the west end of town. The top of the mountain has been closed off in recent years for Peregrine falcon breeding habitat along with sections of the cliff faces on Granite Mountain. Be sure to check the local websites for information before planning your trip.


Prescott, AZ also has many lakes for the day-hiker and/or fisherman. Both Lynx Lake and Goldwater Lake have traditionally been the spots for locals to fish. Both lakes are set in the pristine forests of Prescott. Lynx Lake takes its name from the creek that forms it, Lynx Creek. Rainbow trout, and bass can be caught in both lakes, but the big attraction are the bald eagles that nest and fish in the lakes. Prescott’s eagle population has been increasing in recent years due to careful monitoring by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Bring your cameras, and maybe you’ll capture one of the amazing birds in everybody’s hometown! Watson Lake has become a recent and popular destination for locals and visitors to Prescott. Watson and Willow lake are sister lakes amid the famous Granite Dells region. It’s hard to beat the monolithic red-rock formations reflected on the blue waters. Even from the highway, visitors can take in the scene that has become an icon, associating Prescott with this landscape. Recently, new trails have been built by the city to allow easy-access from both the park and the Peavine Trail-head. Prescott also has many golf courses for the golf lovers. Although a few are private, most allow access to the public. To find out more information on Prescott’s golf courses, click here. Prescott Valley has recently added a hockey arena! Home to the championship team, the Arizona Sundogs, Tim’s Toyota Center boasts many activities all year around along with concerts, events, fairs, and of course, the CHL hockey season.

Prescott, Arizona planned communities and their perspective home owners

There are many planned communities in Prescott that boast a variety of amenities. Prescott Lakes has 12 divisions in its boundaries along with its championship, Hale Irwin Signature golf course. For more information on homes in Prescott Lakes, click here. Prescott Lakes along with American Ranch (equestrian community), Parkridge at Viewpoint, and Hassayampa Village are all gated communities offering exclusive, private, luxury home sites. Prescott Valley has taken the lead on some of the regions largest residential communities including Stoneridge (hilly, golf course community), Granville (affordable, nice homes with great amenities), The Viewpoint (mid-range priced homes with both gated and non-gated divisions), and Pronghorn Ranch (upscale Prescott Valley homes that don’t break the bank). Ruger Ranch is dubbed “Millionaire’s Row”, and has many pristine home site available for building. Buyers should contact us immediately if interested in any of these areas. Matt’s team works along side many custom home builders and developers. Prescott has been home to many celebrities. It is reported (by title and escrow friends who work the files) that Denzel Washington was living in Prescott for a short stint along with Tom Selleck, who reportedly owns ranch property in Chino Valley. It has also been reported that Cher owns a home in Prescott, although local Realtors who’ve worked the area know this to be rumor. Cher may have built a home for her mother, but likely has not lived in Prescott herself. Matt has personally met Alec Baldwin in Dewey at the Blue Hills Cafe. It is rumored that after the filming of the movie, “The Getaway”, Alec fell in love with Prescott. Cy Young Award winner, John Denny, was born in Prescott.

Luxury Homes for sale in Prescott, AZ. Special retreats for special buyers looking for exclusivity.

Check out our updated Prescott luxury MLS listings by the hour. Luxury properties are spectacular getaways in exceptional communities such as Granite Oaks, Quail Hollow, Forest Trails and Southview. From gated communities such as American Ranch and Hassayampa Village to horse-friendly communities such as Crossroads Ranch and Granite Mountain Homesites, you are sure to find the perfect Prescott luxury home to fit your needs and desires. Click to see Prescott luxury estates listed for sale on MLS, which is updated daily for your convenience.

Prescott Town-home and condominium owners will love Prescott's walk-ability and small town feel

Buyers in search of a home or condominium for sale in Prescott, are able to move into private golf course communities and gated communities. Willow Lake Estates at Prescott Lakes, and Hassayampa Village are two such communities offering the security owners desire along with the opportunity to play golf at two of the best courses. Other condo and town home communities include: Prescott Resort Condominiums, The Villas at the Ridge, Mission Hills, Tanglewood Hills, Boulder Park Townhomes, and Thumb Butte Town Houses.

Prescott has exclusive, gated communities. Luxury and security – what every homeowner needs

It is hard to image a more gorgeous setting than what residents of American Ranch have. This Prescott, AZ gated community is renowned for its luxury and horse-friendly properties. Crossroads Ranch is also a horse-friendly community. For a smaller footprint, home buyers may look to Willow Park Estates at Prescott Lakes. This gated community sits on top of the hills of central Prescott, and overlooks the golf course along with having views of Granite Dells, Granite Mountain, Thumb Butte and the San Francisco Peaks. These low-maintenance lots provide residents with easy-care landscaping. Prescott’s gated communities offer a fantastic sense of belonging, nice neighborhoods, and close proximity to shopping.

Prescott Homes on the water for sale.

Although Arizona is not known for is vast amount of above-ground water, Arizona actually boasts some of the largest lakes in the U.S. Lake Powell is just a 3½ hour drive from Prescott, and Pleasant Lake is just 2 hours. Prescott also has luxurious homes on waterfront properties in Prescott Lakes. Willow Lake Estates is an affordable choice for buyers looking for views of Willow Lake and Granite Dells. Some home owners also claim lake views from Pinon Oaks. Whatever your tastes in real estate may be, Prescott is sure to have something for everyone.

Prescott, AZ golf property real estate offer great locations along lush greens amid the mountain breeze

Prescott does have some pretty incredible golf courses! Imagine standing amid the rolling upper hills of Prescott with Thumb Butte just behind and open, panoramic views to the east! Playing golf at the Hassayampa golf course is one such setting. Hassayampa Golf Properties are in hot demand. Other great communities include Prescott Lakes, Talking Rock Ranch, Prescott Country Club, Stoneridge in Prescott Valley, Quailwood in Dewey with its Quailwood Greens Golf Course and communities that border the Antelope Hills North and South golf ranges such as the Prescott Resort. Search the most recent MLS listing in Prescott on our website. Save your searches, and return later!

Horse-Friendly Equestrian properties for sale in Prescott, AZ. Give your horse the luxury treatment they deserve!

Home owners in Prescott’s equestrian communities will find opulent enjoyment among the pines and boulders. Laced with horseback riding trails through the national forest, and some even with equestrian centers, Prescott Arizona’s horse communities offers residents the splendor of riding for hours in the open ranges of Williamson Valley! Home buyers looking to build a custom home should look no further than Crossroads Ranch, American Ranch, and Granite Mountain Homesites. For home-buyers desiring views with their horse property, check out the world famous Blackjack Ridge, and Park Terrace for affordable CC&R horse-friendly communities. Anyone looking to purchase a home are smart to return to our site. We implement the latest technology tools. Other real estate companies hire us…why not start with the best?

A true four-season climate continually puts Prescott, AZ on the top of the list for home buyers.

Prescott, AZ with it’s mile-high elevation and four-season climate truly make it a top destination for those wanting a small-town environment and mild weather. Prescott is known for balmy summers, crisp springs, Indian autumns, and mild winters. Prescott may hit the 90's during the hottest parts of the summer, but residents owning a pool home will enjoy these temperatures. Buyers can find such homes in communities like American Ranch, the Hassayampa Village, Timberridge, Kingswood Estates, the Ranch at Prescott, and Prescott Lakes. If snow is your thing, but not too much snow, Prescott’s higher elevation communities might suit you. Communities like the Mountain Club, Highland Pines, and Groom Creek are cool retreats amidst the marvelous Ponderosa Pines. The Ranch at Prescott is also close to Lynx Lake, a popular spot for trout and bass fishing. Lynx Lake also allows residents to enjoy its boat rental service. Take the kids out on a paddle boat for the afternoon, or enjoy a quick, Bavarian bite at the Lynx Lake Cafe.

Mountainous terrain give Prescott the best views for homeowners looking to purchase property

Looking for fantastic, expansive views? If you’re a resident moving from California, you’re sure to appreciate the big sky and long views of Prescott, AZ. Escape the smog and live in one of the United States cleanest ranked cities for air quality. California residents usually can sell their home, move to Prescott, purchase a new home, and put cash in their pockets! Prescott is an amazingly affordable, upscale community for those looking to retire. Mountain view properties abound in Prescott, but none better than the Ranch at Prescott, Yavapai Hills, and Forest Trails. Prescott Heights is an area just one mile from downtown where residents can enjoy the shimmery lights of Prescott at night. To escape out a little further, Eagle Ridge and Prescott Lakes may be your choice for building a custom home. Although Prescott Valley is not known for its mountains, it certainly is surrounded by them. Homes in Prescott Ridge enjoy some of the best views in Prescott proper; looking out toward the Bradshaw and Mingus Mountain ranges. For Mingus Mountain Real Estate, look to Mingus Meadows and Mingus West.

Prescott foreclosures and rental property available for those needing to find a home fast.

Home rentals in Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley abound. Many previous homeowners are looking for rentals because of a past foreclosure. Perhaps you’re thinking about not paying your mortgage and short-selling your home. Be sure to speak with an attorney before proceeding. Call us, we have experience with short sales and foreclosures. It pays to know your rights and options. Negotiating with the bank can be extremely tedious and damaging to your credit should your home go into foreclosure. However, did you know there are many programs available for those looking to purchase a new home but had a foreclosure in the past three years? These programs may be able to fast-track you from renting a property to becoming a home owner again. Call today to see if you qualify!

Other Fantastic Communities with homes for sale in the Prescott area

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